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Young Journalist Abigail KamKam wins Radio/Tv Presenter Of the year Award at PEYA Awards.



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Young Journalist Abigail KamKam wins Radio/Tv Presenter Award at PEYA Awards.

Abigail Kamkam
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Abigail Kamkam

Young rising Student Journalist Abigail Kamkam  won her first ever award at Prime Excellence Youth Award which ended yesterday at Paloma Hotel Accra. She won the category of TV/ Radio presenter of the year due to her hardwork and dedication to Journalism.

Abigail Kamkam is an On Air Journalist at My Liberty Multimedia ( Radio / TV ) as a  News Anchor,  Producer and a drive time Host on My liberty Radio.


She won awards yesterday as best TV and radio personality of the year. 28/08/2021
At a young age of 22years and won this great awards. She is a social media influencer and adviser to youth on the street. Her vision is to inspire people on the street and provide shelter for them.


At the awards night, she used her life story to advise Youth.
She stated that, ” most youth says my parent didn’t take good care of me that why I couldn’t reach my destination. But Obaapa kankam Abigail said after school things was hard for her but she never gave up but rather work on her self to reach her destination” .


According to her, she has been motivated and mentored by On Air Journalist Afia Pokuaa ( VIM Lady ) of Despite Media.

PEYA Awards is an Award Scheme set up to Motivate and Award youth in the creative art industry for their hard work and passion towards the development of the industry.


Young Passionate Journalist Award Winning Blogger - AFYSA Radio Technician, Producer, Presenter, DJ, Publicist, Marketer NB: I don't have any special talents, I'm only passionately curious..

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