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The Ghanaian High life Musician George Kwabena Adu Popularly known as Kwabena Kwabena disclosed how women mostly assault him because he can’t report to anyone.

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Speaking on Adom tv’s weekend entertainment show, Ahosepe Xtra ,Kwabena Kwabena called on society to accord men the same recognition as women in matters relating to dignity.

Using himself as an example, the musician, said he had never hit a woman, but in his case, the opposite is a reality.He recounted how he was assaulted by several women, revealing that he was even slapped.

Photo credit: Kwabena Kwaben

On top of being assaulted by a woman, he painfully recounted how the said woman had the backing of men.This is to the fact that men finds it difficult to report to the police when being assaulted by women because they will be laughed at by other men.

However, he added that he comforts himself with the Bible, typically the book of Proverbs, which advises men to flee from quarrelsome women.

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