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Why Men Should Shower With COLD Water



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1. More testosterone.-Many people think that this is a myth but truth of the matter is, warm showers, a dip in the bath tub or even ten minutes spent in the sauna is worse for your testosterone levels. Another interesting study shows that men have higher sperm quality, volume and motility in the colder moths of the year compared to the warmer ones

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2. Improved circulation.-Circulation is kind of a big deal because it’s crucial for building muscle and having sex; two things that most men live by! Speaking of great circulation, we all know that blood is needed down there for erection so a quick tip would be a cold shower sex.


3. Fertility boost.-Cold showers can be a potentially good option for men struggling with fertility. A study published by the University of California shows men who stopped taking regular hot baths increased sperm count by 491%.

4. To help get your morning erection.-If you struggle to get it up, well, you need to start taking cold showers.


Yegbey Edem,popularly known as Kwame Taste is a Ghanaian, blogger ,radio personality,publicist,Online Influencer,Writer ,social media marketer and an event promoter.

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