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Video – Invest in the Showbiz industry and it will resist you from borrowing much  – Promoter Mannaq Mensah to Government

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Ghanaian music distributor, Promoter and Artist manager MANNAQ MENSAH has aggressively calls on the Government to invest the in the Showbiz industry.


According the him, music is source of income and its really worth paying financially. So if the Government can invest in to it financially,  it will resist them from massive and unnecessary borrowing from other countries.

He further emphasizes on the revenue the Government will generate from each artist,  / actors / actress if things should be put in the right place and invest in the Showbiz industry by Building Performing Arenas,  Recording Studios accross the country and also having a digital streaming platforms which will also be of help to promote the uniqueness of Ghana music the the rest of the world .

Watch full video below

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