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A 14 year old boy has had the worst ever moment in his entire life as a Saw Mill Machine chops of his two foots in an accident, reports.

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The sad incident which took place on Monday afternoon, 6th July 2021 has left the victim a feet amputee hence he can’t move about without a wheelchair.

This heartbreaking incident reportly took place at Asankra-Breman in the Amenfi West Municipality in the Western Region after the victim and one younger brother went to play at the Saw Mill.

Where the younger brother went to turn the Saw Mill Machine on while the victim was also playing at where the blade of the machine was.

Although,the Saw Mill owner had closed by then,he rushed to the scene after he heard his machine turned on since his house is closer to the place but unfortunately it was too late when he got there and therefore couldn’t save the boy.

The young boy is currently seeking medical care at the  Duayaw h Nkwanta Government Hospital as they contemplate on possible ways to make him feel better.

And kindly share to help keep watch of our children,and they places they go to play.

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