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Music and all it associated provisions and activities being one of the biggest non-gender based interests since life’s existence has had a lot to offer to humanity.

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Tackling the female part of the whole music concept, the world over very long time has enjoyed great experiences with women and the beauty continues.

Smart Focus Media; the organizers of Global Music Awards-Africa in preparation towards the second powerful edition of the prestigious awards has added another initiative that seeks to bring together some of the greatest women in music across Africa as part of its maiden approach.

This initiative has been christened as “Women’s Barbecue” and will be characterized by the naming of Africa’s top 50 women in music. This will
also feature a substantial talk live on tv with some of Africa’s popular music people.

Speaking to the CEO of Global Music Awards Africa on why the addition, Mr. Daniel Adofo told that, aside the musical value the initiative is set to create among women, it is also aimed at celebrating women on the International Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

The CEO further made it loud that CeeJay tv will be the official station for all live telecasts in this regard.

STORY: UrsTruly Praiz (Blogger)

Young Passionate Journalist Award Winning Blogger - AFYSA Radio Technician, Producer, Presenter, DJ, Publicist, Marketer NB: I don't have any special talents, I'm only passionately curious..

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