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Ernest Kwesi Ennin popularly known as Kwesi Ernest a renowned music producer and CEO of Media Excel has admonished Ghanaians not to trust their fellow human but trust only in God.

Speaking in an interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio, he revealed that he does not trust any human including his wife and children. He had his reason being that trusting man can be disappointing.

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“For the last years of my life, I have learned that ‘don’t trust anybody,’ there is no person in this life to trust. Not my wife, not my children, not even my mother. Don’t trust anybody. Don’t trust any human being because every human being has their weakness. They can fall at the time that you need them. Trust in only Jesus Christ”, He said.

Photo credit:Kwesi Ernest

He also added that human beings should devote their time to serve others because through that God will bless them and open doors for them.

He also advised celebrities to stop exposing their families because it could bring security problems to the family.

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