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The Football We Play is The Head of John The Baptist – Prophet Ajaguraja Reveals.

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Ajaguraja who is popularly known as Chop bar pastor made some shocking Revelations in an interview with Maame Grace. 

Starting with his Revelations, he stated that the world was created by two people which is God and his wife. According to Ajaguraja, they had four kids namely, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer and Satan. He stated that there was separation between these six people and this is how it happened.

According to Ajaguraja, Satan was part of God’s special angels where as Lucifer was a choirister but One day, Lucifer and Satan decided to over throne God for his Wife to rule and they did that with one-third of the angels but they didn’t succeed so it turned into a negotiation between God and Satan. They agreed that Satan with Lucifer and their mother will take dominion over the earth. 

He stated that Satan rules the world that is why most people who live Sinful lifestyle Succeeds the most. 

During his conversation with Maame Grace he stated that, to be able to live a Successful lifestyle, you have to use your brain in a way that you can deceive Satan. Speaking on this matter, he revealed that all the deciples amongst Jesus who were killed were those who didn’t use their brain and so that was why John the Baptist was killed by Herod. This is because instead of him to mind his business, he decided to poke his nose into Herod’s matter and that led to the cut off of his head.

According to Ajaguraja, after John the Baptist’s Head was cut off, it was pushed unto a woman where the woman also pushed it away. From there, someone played a shot and that led to the formation of football.


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