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The Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) has paid the Teacher Trainees Allowance.

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The payment was done on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, after five months without paying.

In a message, SLTF made it known that trainees whose details have been submitted and confirmed by the fund have been paid.

In reaction to the payment, trainees have expressed their disappointment in the SLTF for not paying what is due to them.

“They are owing us 5 months arrears but we have received only that for two months. As it stands now, we can’t confirm if the two months are for the current semester or it’s part of our arrears. What happens then to the three months” session of the trainee’s question.

Trainees have for the past five months been lamenting the delay in the payment of their allowance by the government.

They were of the view that, since colleges have to resort to online learning after the breakout of Covid-19, they were expecting a constant flow of the allowance to help them cope with the cost the online learning comes with.

However, checks have revealed that the Student Loan Trust Fund is currently facing some technical challenges and will in due time, pay all arrears owed trainees.

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