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It’s a new day, a few hours after the beautiful love shared between two couples turned bloody. The house where the two were living happily before the incident happened has now become a security zone. It is a compound house and one of the first rooms anyone who visits the area can first notice is that of their room, it has been cordoned by the police and nobody is allowed to go close. Now, armed Police officers have taken over the place. This is how sad the love life of Frank and Lizzy has sadly ended.

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They were both at Ho-Fiave in the Volta region where they were working to earn ends meet. It is still unknown how the two met but tenants who live in the same house with them have dropped secrets about the two by indicating that they never joked with their relationship. They move together to work in the morning and when they return in the evening, they become the talk of the town.

They play and move together almost everywhere. One of the neighbors, Sheila, who operates a shop around the area indicates that whenever the two are seen together buying an item from her shop, they behave like twins, and those who do not know them would never believe that they are not siblings.There have been many times in their lives where the lady who is now deceased will be the first to open the room when they return from work and her companion will follow.

A son to the landlady of the house is at a loss because he never anticipated that such sad news will happen. He also indicated that the first sight of the couple is enough for anyone to believe that they are twins. The young man, Frank sometimes behaves funny and chooses to greet when he wants. The son of the landlady has in the past few days noticed changes in the relationship between Frank and Lizzy. They were no longer behaving as they used to and Frank in particular was acting differently.

For some days, the room of the couple had been locked and many thought that they might have traveled but the opposite was the case. Lizzy has been killed and her body is stored in the fridge with Frank nowhere to be found. The beautiful love life they shared has turned bloody. The room where they used to share a beautiful moment together has now become a security zone. The beautiful couple who were always seen together like twins are no more there. The lady is dead and the young man has bolted. They never anticipated that such a sad day will befall them. For now, the police have begun investigations into the issue and are making plans to ensure that the boy who is alleged to have committed the crime is arrested.

Yegbey Edem,popularly known as Kwame Taste is a Ghanaian, blogger ,radio personality,publicist,Online Influencer,Writer ,social media marketer and an event promoter.

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