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Reasons Why Some Private Schools Are Better Than Public Schools



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Whenever examinations are conducted, the results show that the private schools in Ghana perform better than most of the public schools. No wonder, most people send their children to private schools instead of the government sponsored ones. It is undeniable fact that private schools in Ghana perform better than government schools. These are the reasons.

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There’s a healthy competition in the private schools. Proprietors of the private sponsored schools know the benefits of raising high performing students. When your school is not performing in the Basic Education Certificate Examination or beyond, parents will never send their children there.


This will affect the revenue generated to the school through school fees and other monies. But in government schools, that’s not the case; the school can produce the worst grades ever but still, parents will dump their children there because no school fees to be paid.

There’s proper monitoring in the private schools than the public ones. Since the school is just in the immediate environment of the proprietor and management, teachers and learners are under strict scrutiny. No teacher dares absent himself or herself from school indiscriminately.

Teachers are even monitored during instructional hours. This is not the case in some public schools especially, those in the typical villages. Superiors never love going there and some of the teachers there do not deliver quality teaching; there’s no one to put them(teachers) on their toes. One supervisor has countless number of schools to monitor; how can he do that effectively?
There are more learning materials in the private schools than the public schools. Government have refused to provide curriculum materials or teaching and learning materials for the schools. After curriculum change, the teachers are only charged to provide good education without the least instructional material.


How then will teachers deliver their services effectively? Eventually, there’s poor performances in the public schools. Private schools perform better due to the availability of learning materials. Proprietors know the need to make teaching and learning lively for both teachers and students.

You will go to a public school and a teacher will be sweating to teach computing. As he’s struggling, you will not see a single computer in the whole classroom! That’s not the case in most private schools. No wonder, most parents refuse vehemently to send their children to public schools.

There’s a high level of accountability in the private schools. A parent will pay a lot of money in the name of school fees. If his or her child is not performing well, do you think the parent will not go to the school to demand explanation? That’s what put private schools ahead of the government sponsored ones. Teachers teach well because they don’t want to have any parent to contend with.


But in the government schools, no parent care whether his child passes or not. All they do is to send their children to the school, they come home and wait for the next day and send them there again.

And the cycle continues! No accountability whatsoever. In some public schools, teachers do not teach more than two subjects in a day. But the children themselves are mostly happy when teachers do not come to school or teach.

Sometimes, you will see a stage five child in a private school performing better than some children in the Junior High Schools of government sponsored schools! How then can parents give public schools a good rating?


Even our leaders who control the public schools never send their children there. Public schools are now considered very inferior not because of anything but poor performance of some teachers and learners. But in the actual fact, teachers can do their work and do them well. But without the required materials, teachers in the public sector can do nothing!

In the private schools, those who teach are just untrained people who either completed SHS or other fields, other than College of Education. But those people(private teachers) are able to teach the children to achieve greatness in life.

How do the public schools become attractive like their private counterparts? What’s your suggestion?


Source : Godwin Gakor


Yegbey Edem,popularly known as Kwame Taste is a Ghanaian, blogger ,radio personality,publicist,Online Influencer,Writer ,social media marketer and an event promoter.

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