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Questions Girls Ask When They Have Feelings For A Man



Questions Girls Ask When They Have Feelings For A Man
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Naturally, it is hard for a lady to tell a man or a guy that she likes him or better still women find it difficult to propose to men.

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Here are some few questions and attitude of a girl who has feelings for a guy.


1. If she likes you or is into you, She’ll give you subtle hints, like acting shy in front of you or laughing even at your shittiest jokes.

She’ll try to be present at places where you are found often. She’ll make sure that you know that she’s single and available.

2. “So what is your type of girl?” Or anything related to that, it is a damn good sign that she is interested in you or better still has a crush on you.


If a girl likes you, she wants to get to know if that liking is founded. Hopefully, she has more tact than a drill sergeant who has become interested in a recruit.

3. She will ask a lot of questions that will give you an opening to say more and/or ask even more questions.

For example, “What’s your favorite band or artist?” “Oh yeah, I like them too. I especially like their latest album” “Have you seen them in concert?” No? “Oh, we should go!” Or “Do you like sports? I love sports!” “Do you like to watch sports?” “What sport do you like to play?” (He, for example, may say golf) then I would say, “Oh I bet you are really good!”


4. If a girl likes you, she will also ask a guy their opinion on something she may need help with.

For example, she may ask a question about the meaning of a warning light on her car. She will then act very impressed that he knew what it meant. Girls do these things not to be fake or superficial, but to show him that they do like him, and want to get to know him better.

5. If she likes you a lot she would delete her tinder or any dating app because she’s into you only.


She will text you on what happened like if she has no power in the house or her network is bad she will let you know about it.

6. She’ll make friends with your friends and acquaintances to get to know more about you.

And if she happens to be your friend, she’ll try to impress your parents by showing her cooking skills.


Kubi is an Entertainment and sport lover who always wants to give his audience the current happenings in the Entertainment industry in Ghana and Nigeria.

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