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Last night’s episode of date rush was lit.It was a reunion and the host (Giovani Caleb) as usual brought some of the participants who got dates in the season .

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One story that got Netizens talking was the fifteen cedis controversy between Nathaniel and Millicent.According to Millicent, all that Nathaniel said on the show was a lie.

She added that Nathaniel was jobless and started looking for job some months after their show.She continued with another story that Nathaniel called her and asked for Fifteen (15)cedis to print his Cv on the day of his job interview. This fifteen cedis statement got a lot of people talking on social media.

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Source :Facebook

However, Nathaniel came in to deny that he didn’t beg for 15 cedis to print his CV but he called Millicent because he was stranded in town and needed some money to get home.He added that he even called Millicent and asked her if he should send her money back to her.He even tried to pay the fifteen cedis on stage because it was a disgrace to him but the host told him to stop.











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