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Young beautiful girl has storm social media with her tweet that somehow the fact and also not desirable as a girl.

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According to her school is a big scam as her school certificate doesn’t fetch her money rather her body is what making money for her.

My body fetches me more money than my certificate school is a scam, Chery Kolet revealed.

A tweep by name of Chery Kolet has ended the debate over which is more beneficial and profitable- a college degree or a banging body.

Unapologetically, the light-skinned beauty has stated that her natural assets are worth more to her than her acquired educational certificates have ever been.

Her tweet has made netizens speechless, see some reactions in another post.

@callmejosh16-“Please tell this to your kids, stop deceiving young lads.”

@fem_samson-“Don’t forget a day will come when that same body won’t fetch you the desired money but ur certificate will forever do that. So my dear erase that notion say school a scam. Our system of education might be poor but school no be a scam”.

Kubi is an Entertainment and sport lover who always wants to give his audience the current happenings in the Entertainment industry in Ghana and Nigeria.

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