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I Do Not Need Masters,PhDs Or Degrees Before I Can Impact The World-Ministerapau Comes Clear.

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From the onset of life’s realization, Education in it formal sense has been stated as the key to success but under a very critical circumstance and look it is not and in as much as it is very important, It shouldn’t be a hinder to set one on a path that will prevent them from impacting the world.

Global humanitarian activist William Apau in a Facebook post has come clear with a powerful motivation making it loud that one does not need Master,PhDs or Degrees in other to impact the world positively. The young philanthropist believes that with the understanding of life from the positive perspective and knowing one’s purpose on earth, it is just okay and always right to push the possible agendas that makes the world a better place. Excerpts of his publications reads as follows

“Always my dream to impact the world So why don’t I start with my Country Ghana. The funny thing is that I’m not rich or have so much money but the little I have , God is using it to build an Empire.

I always tell people , everyone is unique and blessed in their own ways so never ever look down on someone .

I don’t need Masters or PHDs or Degrees to impact the world but understanding and knowing my purpose on Earth.

And my purpose on earth is “to be known for my impacts and not my wealth “ … Through me , I want lives to change , I want to see love  so strong in our community, I want my lifestyle to represent Christ Jesus .. “

It is quite satisfying to see how best many are trying to make the world a better place especially in times like this where unexpectations are more prone than any other thing.

Support Minister William Apau through his MAGHO Foundation by following him all Instagram @ministerapa @ministerapaufoundation


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