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Ghanaians To Re-Register Sims With Ghana Card



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Ghana is still on its road to full digitization. As part of the plans to absolutely execute this course, there will be a nationwide exercise for all citizens to re-register their SIM cards using the current all-in-one national identification card, Ghana Card. The government believes the exercise will help curb fraudulent activities in the country.

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The minister posted on Facebook that the re-registration of SIM begins on October 1, 2021, and will continue for six months.


She, therefore, urged Ghanaians to all re-register their SIM cards to avoid the unpleasant experience of having their SIMs blocked.

The exercise will allow the country to monitor and track down persons who use their phones for criminal activities, as well as rid the country’s cyberspace of fraud.


Yegbey Edem,popularly known as Kwame Taste is a Ghanaian, blogger ,radio personality,publicist,Online Influencer,Writer ,social media marketer and an event promoter.

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