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Ghanaians Don’t Respect My Brand, Anytime I Drop A Good Song They Dishonor Me – Wendy Shay



Ghanaians Don't Respect My Brand, Anytime I Drop A Good Song They Dishonor Me - Wendy Shay
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Songstress, Wendy Shay has revealed that some Ghanaians don’t respect her brand and they discredit her for her good work.

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Wendy Shay release her comeback song titled ‘Heat’ which many believe it’s a street anthem and a banger.


Whiles, some Ghanaians are enjoying the song others criticize her for not written her songs.

According to Wendy Shay, not all female musicians write their songs some have a songwriter who writes songs for them. And Ghanaians give the credit to them, but when it’s her (Wendy Shay) then all the credit is being given to the songwriter of that song.

And that, it’s disrespectful to her brand as a musician.


She said some female artists will drop songs and nobody will care about who writes the song but it’s always her that people care about the writer of her songs.

“Anytime I drop heat song then they want to give credit, and everything to the so call songwriter”, She stated.

She continues by saying Ghanaians should wake up and stop being discriminated against because that won’t help the music industry.


She made this known in one of her Twitter posts, which was sighted by, She wrote!

“Almost every female artiste in Ghana has a songwriter but nobody cares who writes for them But anytime Wendy Shay drops a Heat Song they want to credit everything to the So-Called songwriter. Ghana wake up !”.

Elsewhere, her statement has sparked debate as many believe she was talking to Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon.


Well, we don’t have any proof that the songstress is talking back at the YouTuber. Stay with us we will bring all the updates on her statement.