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Ghanaian Actress Disclosed How P*no Videos Help Her When She Wasn’t Married

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Ghanaian actress and producer Gladys Mensah Boaku well known as Nayas has disclosed how she enjoyed watching P*rn when she was single


According to her, those videos helped her from dating one man to the other.


Nayas claims that she just watches it without mast*bating. She just watches it and that prevents her from jumping from one man to the other.


“P*rn videos help me when I wasn’t married, it’s just released my stress and become comfortable”, Adult show host Nayas said.


“Watching p*rn helped me to keep my mind off certain things at the time I was single”.She added.


Kubi is an Entertainment and sport lover who always wants to give his audience the current happenings in the Entertainment industry in Ghana and Nigeria.

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