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Don’t Give, If The Support Is Not Coming, Start Something Small And You Will Be Recognized By Interested Persons When It Matures.

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When you are starting something new, even friends and family won’t recognize you, most people won’t support you. It is the same situation for anything new you will ever start with.


Ghanaian popular blogger Felix Adomako Mensah well known as ZionFelix has advised young business-minded people to keep pushing till they reach their target.


According to ZionFelix, his humble beginnings in the media scene only paid off after preserving and not relenting hard work. He stated that support only came after he eventually made it. therefore, he said support is the byproduct of determination.



‘‘If the support is not coming, keep on pushing, start with something small, and when it matures you will be recognized by people. Eventually, they will and come on board and support you’’, He advised.


He further explained that it is also necessitating to persevere because people are always watching and nobody knows who amongst the observers of what you do is a potential investor or business partner.


“Now we have doors and opportunities opening for us, people are offering to support my business. These are people I never knew were watching and had an interest in supporting me. When I started these people never knew me but when I strived hard, they recognized me.’’


He concluded that, if you only know what you are doing, keep the vision and it will later attract people, then it will get better. That is how it is in starting and being successful in business.

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