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Shatta wale address the nation
Sometimes now the dancehall artist had break from all social media app. In a trend he addressed the nation on things to explore Ghana music
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     Out of his speech, Shatta Wale raised some vita  points that if taken into consideration , the music industry will see massive growth in all sectors.

Here are 5 the points raised at the maiden edition of the State of the Industry Address.

1. Shatta wale Proposed that a single music genre should be chosen by stakeholders and gatekeepers to serve as our music Identity as a country on the international market.

2. He echoed the importance of decentralizing major entertainment events from Accra to other regions in Ghana to put the spotlight on emerging talents from the region.

3. Shatta reiterated how musicians need to take the business aspect of the art serious and hone their talent in order to draw in more income from their craft.

4. The musician advised media houses, DJs and stakeholder to prioritize the exhibition and promotion of Ghanaian talents by making it an agenda to play 90% Ghanaian music/content and 10% foreign content.

5. Shatta Wale pleaded with the government to invest at least 10% of the gross budget for sports into the music industry and also use music as a tool to promote tourism and contribute to national development.

Below is what wale said;




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