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Social media influencer,Twene Jonas has ended up earning a girlfriend for himself through his constructive criticisms on the government system in the country.

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It could be brought to memory that,one of Twene Jonas’ usual videos made mention of Afia Shwarzennegar’s name which triggered Afia Schwarzenegger to stage a beef with Twene Jonas.

However, during the give and take video punches which travailed to and fro between the two, Social media users Judged the performance in favour of Twene Jonas hence,he was declared Victorious over Afia Shwarzennegar.

Meanwhile,Twene Jonas’ victory over Afia Shwarzennegar has made TV presenter,Adu Safowaa fall for him as he calls him “husband” in her post on Instagram.

Check her post below;

And this not a surprise because,Adu Safowaa is amongst the celebrities who have suffered severly at the hands of Afia Shwarzennegar,and since she met her meeter,it’s hinot surprising others are celebrating.