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4 years on and I still haven’t been paid for writing this whole series as well as been casted by Angeltv Gh and Adu Sarfowaa – Kels D’poet

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Young Poet and a Scriptwriter Kels d’poet has lamented on how actress / Presenter Adu Safowaa refuce to pay him for a script he wrote for her.

According to Kels D’poet, he was contacted by Adu Safowaa 4years ago to help her write a script for her series after she saw his short stories in WhatsApp groups. However, they came in to an agreement of a service amounted to 2k, but Adu Safowaa refused to pay his money and later blocked him on WhatsApp

He wrote on his Facebook account

Anyway ,am not here to chase clout or dent anyone image.
I just felt i was denied what was rightfully mine and my work was unpaid for. My intellectual property!
Loads of you will be like why did i kept mute all these while ?

Well !!! Lemme take you down memory lane.
Somewhere 2017 ,I was in level 200 by then and was just scribbling poems and short stories which i share in various Whatapp groups and to my contacts via a broadcast. Those of you who knew me then will have read my short stories “Memories from the Graveyard and Misconceptions as well as my co-edited story bedsheet” via Rabbit Imaginations Productions

Adu Safowaah Gh who was a member of one of the groups DMed me and ask for a meeting with me.
Charlie , I was happy cos she was a budding actress then and getting someone like this offering you a meeting got me elated.
We planned the meeting at Legon botanical gardens so I met her there after lectures. She briefed me about her new role at Angel Tv and how she wanna produce a Tv series. She affirmed to me that she had read my short stories and realized am talented hence she want us to work.

She goes on and suggested i script a series that surrounds the new slayqueen trend and sugar daddies and i agreed to give it my best. She told me she will pay for it once am done and she likes it.
I was happy you know. Just a naive student who just got this offer. I spent the next two weeks scripting and all. I was done with everything and i sent it to her on Whatapp as a docx file. She read and told me it was “dammm good”. We met at Atomic junction again prior o a request to bring the file on a drive which she printed the documents into hard copies.

Weeks passed and she didn’t mention anything about my payments so i called her and she said they’ll start acting the series so I should come around and she will settle me. I left lectures one faithful day and traveled all the way to kokrobite just to be there. Unfortunately,one of the actors didn’t show up so she made me play a short role in the series. After a long day of shooting and me doing all sort of works like carrying her bags and make-up kits ,she handed me Ghc20 to use for transport so she will call me to plan the payments.

That was the end of our conversation. Months passed by and she hit me up on Whatapp like “the series is ready and will be shown on TV so i should send my picture for a flier”. Well ,I did and i got my flier later on. I asked her for the money and she said they will air it and when they amass sponsors,she will sort me out with my 2K.

Brothers and sisters in the lord !! That was the end. She later got Adonko Bitters ambassadorialship and even Bel-aqua. I whatapp her severally and she will just blue tick me. She later blocked me and even changed her number.
I went to her IG and sent her several messges which she never replied to. The series aired 3 good months on Angeltv Gh.

Its been 4 years now and I still haven’t been paid for my intellectual property !!

This is not for clout or anything. Am just stating how young writers like myself have been robbed off ! “






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