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Dhope Nation (Musicians)

The popular music group, DhopeNation who were formal signee of Lynx Entertainment, in an interview with Abeiku Santana spotted by, has extablished that, the two Ghanaian highlife Artiste, Kuami Eugene and Kidi were not extablished Artiste before joining lynx entertainment.

Abeiku Santana who was the host of the interview asked what was their fear or the uncertainty before signing a one year contract with Lynx entertainment knowing Kuami Eugene and Kidi were there, the duo added that, all though Kuami Eugene and Kidi were brought up by lynx entertainment,  they were established Artiste before joining the label and needed a record label to break some boundaries in the music industry.

“Actually there was a certainty to sign a year contract, because Kuami Eugene and Kidi were brought up by lynx and they were not already extablished before doing their own works. So you can say their grassroot is lynx. But if you look at DhopeNation, we were from the street and that’s what I dey talk all the time” they tell Abeiku Santana.

They also added ” we were already there and we decide that yo! There are some certain boarders and boundaries we for break but we would actually need a record label to break those boundaries.”

The duo, DhopeNation as it stands now, are no more under Lynx Entertainment and it’s management. After their departure from Lynx Entertainment, they are performing very well in the industry with some new hit songs.

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Watchthe interview below;

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