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Ever since schools have reopened in South Africa it is only a few schools that have already reported covid-19 cases this should be a wake-up call to the Department of basic education that schools must be closed until there’s a vaccine or a cure for this deadly virus. the Department of basic education’s minister Angie Motshekga must actually learn from other sectors such as mining where the virus has quickly spread ever since the activities have been allowed to resume. The basic education department must just stop gambling with the lives of Innocent children and accept the fact that the virus has arrived and we have to deal with the virus before dealing with catching up with the content and the curriculum as well as the syllabus.

With few schools having recorded they are covid-19 cases it is very clear that the department is not doing the best it would to save or spread the virus therefore learners should not be allowed to go back to classes in order to stop the spread of this virus even though online learning it’s not easy the department should meet grade 12 and grade 7 learners halfway. It is best to lose the entire academic year than to lose the rest of grade 12 and grade sevens lives risking them to the exposure of covid-19. It is very clear that the department has come to this decision without considering other factors it is okay to put rules and regulations in place for these learners but it is almost impossible to monitor and regulate those rules and regulations for those particular learners.


Elderly people are struggling with facial masks how do you expect a grade r learner to cope well with the mask word as adults are struggling a lot with the masks. The Department of basic education must further consider withdrawing its decision of sending learners back to classes in this pandemic even though the levels of the lockdown are going down that does not mean the virus is no longer spreading. It is very important to note that the virus does not move it is people who move when people move they are now the virus to move another words people are moving the virus with their own movements there for when we send learners to school we are allowing them to move and giving the virus and opportunity to also move.

They further said It is therefore important to lose the entire academic year and save many lives than To loose many lives trying to save the year. 

Source: opera news

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