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I was born into the Catholic Church and due to my father’s passion towards the work of God, I was left with no option than to be actively involved in the activities of the church just to be in the good books of my father.

I went to the mission church one evening to help weed their environment when I met a very pretty woman who is in her mid twenties looking straight into my eyes.

She immediately asked of my name and through a short conversation with her, I got to know that she’s an American who has been posted to learn the African culture and studying to be a Roman Sister.

As part of her assignment, she is supposed to learn the basics of our local dialect before she returns in six months time. She asked if I could be of help to her to which I agreed.

I must confess, she’s a fast learner and within two weeks of intensive teaching and learning, she has started picking up the basics of the language and can make simple sentences.

In our third week of studies, we became soo close to the extent that we video call each other before sleeping. Now, she opens up to me on anything that she does.

After a month with her, I’ve realized that we’ve become more than friends, she openly told me she can’t sleep without talking to me. The connection became very strong to the extent that the Roman fathers in the parish called her not to be getting too close to me but that fell on a deaf ear.

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One day, I was going to the farm when she requested to go with me. I tried all the best I could to stop her but she insisted on going with me, I was left with no option than to allow her go. It was around 5:00 pm when I set off to the farm, by the time we got to the farm, darkness has covered us.

It was at this stage that my village gods started giving me ideals on what to do. I stopped and looked her in the eyes and gently placed my lips on hers. She smiled and draw me closer to herself.

I quickly pulled her to myself and moved her to the near by push, I pulled my shirt out and was about to remove my trousers when my wife woke me up from sleep.

I have decided not to give her ‘market money’ for this week for not allowing me to complete the dream.

Please don’t blame me but rather blame her for not completing the story.

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