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The internet have been thrown in a state of controversy after a viral video surfaced on Facebook at 7pm yesterday.

In the video, members of Islamic movement popularly known as Sha’raa which specialize in correction of misguided citizens, were seen flogging a 17-year-old teenager.

The girl, known as ruth, famous with her nickname, minky meena is very popular among teenagers in Makurdi, Benue state.

She has been involved in countless controversies, one of which she was caught sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend at a her best friend’s birthday party.

Also, she has been accused, with proof of being a lesbian which she also confessed to.

Most recently, unknown to her that fate is finally about to catch up, minky posted a nude video on Instagram some days back.

In the video, which seem to have been taken in a hotel toilet, she had only a white towel on at the start. She later let it fall off slowly and showed the whole world her hidden treasures.

At the time, she received unending insults and somehow, the video ended up at the eyes of her guardian and also her grandmother.

Reports have it that her grandmother with the help of an uncle dragged her to the operatives of sha’raa who flogged her and made her confess to all the crimes she has committed starting from being a lesbian.

It was also said that her grandmother specifically asked that the video be released so that the world will know she has parents.

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A few minutes after the release of the video, Benue state section on Facebook went wild causing the video and the news to spread even further.

Many have so far taken to their accounts to criticize the girl and make fun of her.

However, another group believed that she shouldn’t have been handled in that manner and that the operatives had no rights because it’s her life.

Here are more screenshots from the viral video:

What are your views on this?

Was the grandmother right to have submitted her to the hands of sha’raa? Was it the right choice?

Please let me know in the comments section.

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