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Shatta Wale finally replies Stonebwoy’s ‘

SM thief’ tweet

Shatta Wale’s silence on this issue was quite 
unusual, though expected. It was far from the
 usual Shatta Wale, who barks at the smallest 
  Of flies that crosses his path. However, his 
silence was also expected because Stonebwoy
and he are now back to being good friends.
Moreover, yesterday you would have come 
across Stonebwoy’s controversial tweet about 
Shatta Movement (SM). His tweet was a
cused of insinuating Shatta Wale’s SM fans 
are thieves. Though the said tweet from 

Stonebwoy, which was in reply to another 


about a thief caught at Teshie got SM fans 

blasting Stonebwoy. Their boss, Shatta Wale 

rather gave it a more diplomatic approach, by 

Remaining mute

However, Shatta Wale on the low gave

Stonebwoy an equally epic reply. Though not

directly at Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale’s post was a

direct reply at what Stonebwoy was alleged    

 to have insinuated. Take a look at what Shatta 


Shatta Wale wrote this, hours after 

Stonebwoy’s tweet, but it can be seen 

as a direct reply to Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale in that post was 


his fans, SM that whatever they may be 

doing now as work, will surely pay off. 

Which is quite contrary to what 

Stonebwoy was being accused of 

insinuating in his tweet.

Meanwhile, it is a direct reply to 

Stonebwoy because Shatta Wale was 

seen to have downplayed whatever 

Stonebwoy said. And went ahead to tell it 

to his face that, his fans work and 

whatever work they do will surely pay off.

However, Shatta Wale’s post on a much 

safer side could also be interpreted as a 

mere motivational message to his fans. 

Which may or may not be the case.


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